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Grave Choices

Grave Choices


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Description for GRAVE CHOICES by M D Lake:


Intrepid campus cop Peggy O'Neill arrives at the University's art building too late to prevent the slaying of painter/professor Russell Bell--and gets flattened by the fleeing suspect in the bargain. She does, however, catch a glimpse of the culprit as they collide--and later identifies him as Daniel Sanchez, peeved potter and Bell's lifelong foe.

The portrait Sanchez's friends paint of the accused, however, implies he's not a killer. Plus it seems the victim was no starry knight--and his talent for making enemies exceeded his questionable prowess with brush and oils. But by pursuing the big picture, Peggy may paint herself into a very dangerous corner indeed--and become the next subject of a murderous maestro who would dearly love to color her dead.

This is #7 in A Peggy O'Neill Mystery.

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