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Description for GREECE by Melanie Panagiotopoulos:

In the shadow of an ancient FORTRESS OF LOVE, Melissa Kincaid seeks a place of refuge. Dr. Luke Karalis is sure their love can fill the void Melissa feels in her soul, but her search goes beyond romance to the very depth of her existence.

For Paul Andrakos, it's love at the first sight of his godmother's niece. Kristen King's approach to life's questions seems to match his own ODYSSEY OF LOVE. Yet amid the postcard-perfect vistas of Athens, their relationship may be crumbling like the ruins...threatened by a family secret.

A series of accidents and illnesses has kept Niki Alexander from competing in three Olympic Games. A terrible accident has also altered the life of Phil Taylor. The two Americans meet in Olympia and discover the RACE OF LOVE. But can they cross the finish line together?

Christmas in Athens on the arm of Dino Mathis sounds like a dream vacation. But there is a very poignant reason for Christina Rallis's visit: She hopes her birth mother will welcome her CHRISTMAS BABY.

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