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Growing Wildflowers: A Gardener's Guide

Growing Wildflowers: A Gardener's Guide


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Description for GROWING WILDFLOWERS: A GARDENER'S GUIDE by Marie Sperka:

Wildflower culture is one of today's most rapidly growing gardening specialties. Hundreds of beautiful wild species are available, readily and free, to any person who wants to cultivate them, and dozens of other rare or endangered varieties may be purchased through a growing number of specialized nurseries.

GROWING WILDFLOWERS, by a veteran nurserywoman, is the most comprehensive guide available on raising wildflowers throughout temperate North America. It contains detailed instructions on planting and propagation for more than 200 species. Each species is described, and full information is provided on its growing requirements and care.

As anyone who has tried to raise them knows, wildflowers do not thrive easily without the proper techniques for readying both the plants and the "domestic" yards and lawns to accommodate them. Preparation of a wildflower plot is a special, exacting process, presenting an exciting and tremendously satisfying challenge to the homeowner who has "done it all." Now Marie Sperka explains in easy step-by-step detail how you can raise the loveliest wildflowers without the aid of a professional gardener.

Useful appendixes provide a wealth of supplementary information for the serious gardener, and one special appendix treats in detail the especially complex problems of raising one of the great wildflower favorites, the lady's slipper.

GROWING WILDFLOWERS is handsomely illustrated with more than 200 superb pencil drawings executed by Charles Clare, Jr., an outstanding botanical artist associated with New Yor's Bronx Botanical Gardens.

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