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Guinevere: The Legend In Autumn

Guinevere: The Legend In Autumn


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Description for GUINEVERE: THE LEGEND IN AUTUMN by Persia Woolley:

Surrounded by traitors, trapped by destiny, Britain's spirited Queen Guinevere recounts the last, dramatic years of Camelot. At King Arthur's side, she reigned over the fabled heroes of the Round Table while the restless and impassioned knights undertook their Quest for the Holy Grail. Even as her favored men set off on their perilous journey, Guinevere's heartbreaking honesty, courage and integrity were challenged by those she loved most. Mordred, the stepson she raised, waged a primal battle against Arthur--and brought the kingdom to a shattering end. Torn between duty and desire as he rescued his Queen, condemned to the stake for treason, Lancelot swept her into a forbidden idyll at Joyous Gard. And with Morgan le Fey, the evil beauty she feared most in all of Britain, Guinevere bartered her soul to save Arthur and Camelot from the furies of fate.

This is #3 in The Round Table Series.

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