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Happy Are The Meek

Happy Are The Meek


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Description for HAPPY ARE THE MEEK by Andrew M Greeley:

It was in a proverbial locked room that Wolfe Quinlan died. They found him in his study; the only key in his pocket, and a suit of medieval armor over him, its sharp broadsword thrust through his ribs.

He had been a man who loved life and took what he wanted from it, a man with many enemies. On the night of his death, Wolfe Quinlan had angered everyone in his life---his abused wife, his alienated children, the mistress he refused to see, the business partner that he had cuckolded, his not-to-honest lawyer, the mad priest whose "devil worship" cult Wolfe had violently disavowed.

Under Blackie Ryan's mild questioning, each will tell each her or her story---and in these tales of twisted passions the priest will seek the clue to Wolfe Quinlan's death.

Find it he must...If no one else to die.

This is #1 in A Father Blackie Ryan Story.

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