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Harvey Collins' Drink Guide

Harvey Collins' Drink Guide


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Description for HARVEY COLLINS' DRINK GUIDE by Harvey Collins:

Collins Brother, inc., is one of the largest and oldest distributors of professional bartending supplies and mixes. They are a respected and trusted name in the liquor industry for over seventy years. Now, Harvey Collins of Collins Brother, Inc., passes on his family's many years of expertise and offers you:

*The most popular and usable recipes for mixed drinks-including over 100 variations on the Martini, the best Pina Colada you'll ever try, the perfect Bloody Mary, Daiquiris, Stone Sours, Long Island Iced Tea, Margaritas, Slammers, and great tasting hot and cold weather drinks.

*Techniques from the Pros-how to float cream on top of a drink, the right way to add twists, chill glasses, slat rims, make frozen drinks and more.

*Checklists for the home bar-what liquor, glassware, soft drinks, utensils and other supplies to have on had.

*Party and entertaining tips.

*An easy-to-use alphabetical index also organized by liquor type>

*NEW shots and NEW drinks form Famous Drinking Establishments.

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