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Healthy Selfishness

Healthy Selfishness


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Description for HEALTHY SELFISHNESS: GETTING THE LIFE YOU SERVE WITHOUT ALL THE GUILT by Dr.Rachael Heller and Dr. Richard Heller:

An action plan for a better life, "Healthy Selfishness" helps readers recognize and understand patterns of self-denial; a self-assessment quiz answers the question, "Are you too good for your own good?"

Chapters look at the value of healthy selfishness in specific areas: friends, family, work, weight, money, and moreato help readers identify how to take charge of their lives.

The Hellers offer choices for making comfortable changes: Small steps, longer strides, and life-changing leaps.

"Healthy Selfishness" is ultimately about life in proper balance, which makes this a book with something to offer for everyone.

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