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Hearts Denied

Hearts Denied


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Description for HEARTS DENIED by Cheryl Biggs:


It was seven years since Travis Braggette had abandoned Suzanne Forteaux at the altar. Now the sight of him on the dusty street of Virginia City, Nevada, stole Suzanne's breath away. He was taller and even more handsome than she remembered, his skin a sun-burnished bronze. But she was the one who had really changed...from an awkward New Orleans schoolgirl into a sultry singer. No one suspected she was actually a Confederate spy...and innocent of a man's intimate touch.

Seeing Suzanne sashay into his Mountain Queen saloon filled Travis with tantalizing memories of what might have been. But he wasn't the marrying kind...although that didn't stop him from desiring her now. Little did Travis know that Suzanne's secret mission would soon sweep them both into a dangerous world of unbounded passion where hearts could be broken...yet where there was no turning back--from love!

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