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Heiress: The Story Of Christina Onassis

Heiress: The Story Of Christina Onassis


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Description for HEIRESS: THE STORY OF CHRISTINA ONASSIS by Nigel Demptser:

She was King Midas's golden daughter, the crown princess of a shimmering world of privilege, adventure and passion, and heiress to one of the largest fortunes in the world. She was Christina Onassis.

Filled with the intrigue and glamour of Christina's exotic world, and echoing with names like Maria Callas, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Stavros Niarchos, HEIRESS is the story of one of the richest and most publicized women ever. It is also the story of a woman trying to gain love and approval from her father, the powerful Aristotle Onassis, whom Christina alternately battled and adored until his death in 1975 left her the world's richest woman at twenty-four.

Despite her gilded existence, Christina's life was haunted by tragedy: shortly after her beloved aunt died from a mysterious overdose, her mother married her sister's widower. Within a year of each other, her brother and mother died untimely and shattering deaths. Then her stepfather, her father's archrival, cruelly exposed an attempt by Christian to commit suicide, claiming it had caused her mother's death. And each of her four marriages ended as abruptly and impulsively as they began. When Christina herself died mysteriously and suddenly in Argentina in 1988, the story made headlines all over the word.

In HERIESS, the noted journalist Nigel Dempster, a longtime Onassis observer, tells Christina's story---one of money, sex and drama among the very rich---revealing for the first time how she came to be a woman so desperate for love and acceptance but so unable to find either.

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