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Her Best Friend's Baby

Her Best Friend's Baby


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Description for HER BEST FRIEND'S BABY by Vicki Lewis Thompson:

She was having his baby...

Mary Jane Potter owed her best friend for practically raising her, so having a child for Arielle didn't seem like such a sacrifice -- until Arielle's husband arrived with news that would change their lives forever....

Morgan Tate had never been comfortable with the surrogate arrangement. Especially now that he was seeing Mary Jane as more than just his wife's best friend....

Mary Jane knew Morgan wanted this baby more than anything. Only, suddenly, he seemed to want Mary Jane, too! And Mary Jane definitely enjoyed being wanted! But did Morgan see her as the love of his life -- or simply the mother of his child?

MAITLAND MATERNITY...Where the luckiest babies are born!

Maitland Maternity #9, April, 2001.

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