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Her Best-Kept Secret

Her Best-Kept Secret


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Description for HER BEST-KEPT SECRET by Brenda Harlen:

To: Jenny Anderson

From: Richard Warren

Re: My not-so-secret admiration for you

Jenny, I know you didn't relish giving up a plum reporting assignment to show me around Tokyo, but our days together have been much more intriguing than the merger I'm supposed to be working on. And I think even you can't deny that the sparks between us are sharper than a samurai's sword!

I just can't believe that someone as beautiful and loving as you might still feel like she doesn't fit in. I know you've always wondered about the woman who gave you up for adoption all those years ago. Well, finding her might be easier than you think....

Silhouette Special Edition #1756, May, 2006.

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