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Her Desert Family

Her Desert Family


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Description for HER DESERT FAMILY by Barbara McMahon:

Bridget Rossi isn't used to mingling amongst the seriously rich and famous. But through her cousin, Bridget has just been invited to stay with a powerfully sexy sheikh at his opulent desert oasis!

Powerful, sexy Sheikh Rashid al Halzid is everything Bridget knows she can never have. After all, what does a quiet librarian have in common with a sheikh? So Bridget can't believe it when she's invited to stay in Rashid's desert oasis with him and his little son.

His home is stunning, but despite the luxury, Bridget discovers a man who's buried his emotions. Ever since Rashid's wife died, his little boy has been crying out for his daddy. Bridget knows she can bring these two lost souls together.... The only problem is that in the process, she's falling in love -- with them both! But how can there be a happily-ever-after for two adults who are so different in every way? There's only one way for Bridget to find out....

Harlequin Romance #3833, February, 2005.

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