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Hit Parade

Hit Parade


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Description for HIT PARADE by Lawrence Block was taken from inside cover:

New York hit man Keller is a law unto himself, and when a situation goes awry-which despite his best-laid plans it so often does-he makes some surprising judgement calls to provide a twist in the tale.

It's not all drudgery in the life of an assassin. Keller's jobs allow him access to all sorts of sporting events-following a baseball team round the country, providing the insurance for a fixed horse race, attending a basketball game in Indiana and playing golf in Arizona. He even gets to mix his passion for stamp-collecting with a hit on a famous philatelist.

HIT PARADE combines the darkness of the Matt Scudder books with the humour of the Burglar series, and shows Keller and Block at their brilliant, mordant best.

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