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Honeymoon With Murder

Honeymoon With Murder


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Description for HONEYMOON WITH MURDER by Carolyn G Hart:


Mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance and detective Max Darling are finally tying the knot, but a bizarre sequence of events might unravel this blissful marriage before it begins. With the ceremony completed and the champagne goblets emptied, Max sweeps Annie into his arms for an amorous moment ... when the phone rings and a woman on the other end of the line screams bloody murder!

...'TILL DEATH US DO PART... The newlyweds rush to the scene of the crime, only to discover that Ingrid Jones, Annie's bookstore assistant, has vanished, leaving the body of a neighborhood Peeping Tom on her living room rug. As the community of Broward's Rock, including a dotty New Age psychic and Annie's meddling new mother-in-law, mobilizes to find the missing woman, the cold corpse puts honeymoon plans on the shelf ... and Annie's love of investigation threatens to bring the big chill to Max's hungry heart.

This is #4 in Death On Demand series.

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