Hot Legs

Hot Legs


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Description for HOT LEGS by Susan Johnson:

With her stunning red hair and a body to die for, curator Cassie Hill has no trouble turning heads. After her lying, cheating ex, however, she's ready to swear off men. But when a priceless painting goes missing from the museum, they call in a hot-shot bounty hunter--who drives her wild with good old-fashioned lust...

The art world's most celebrated cowboy, Bobby Serre can spot a fake in a heartbeat and track down a stolen painting without breaking a sweat. But his latest interest--and his favorite by far--is fulfilling Cassie's deliciously sensual fantasies.

Now, Cassie has to wrap up this case of the missing painting pronto...before Bobby's skill at satisfying her deepest desires makes her do something utterly outrageous--like fall head over heels in love.

This is #3 in Hot Series.

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