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House Of Dreams

House Of Dreams


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Description for HOUSE OF DREAMS by Brenda Joyce:

Here is the fascinating story of two families who have clashed for centuries--and two women who dare to explore the dark side of passion and a legacy of betrayal that leads to cold-blooded murder...

When Cassandra de Warenne meets Antonio de la Barca, a renowned professor of history, Cass isn't prepared for the intense and immediate attraction--a feeling that heralds something deeper, more powerful, and more perilous than she could ever imagine. Their families have been entwined for centuries, linked together by a history of horrendous heartbreak, bitter rivalry, and bloodshed that began 450 years ago, with one woman, Isabel, forsaken and betrayed by her family, her lover, and her friends.

Who was Isabel, and what does she want today from Cassandra and her family? And can Cassandra trust Antonio, a man who may be her only link to the past--and who may be the most dangerous man she has ever met?

This is #12 in de Warenne Dynasty Series.

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