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How To Murder A Millionaire

How To Murder A Millionaire


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Description for HOW TO MURDER A MILLIONAIRE by Nancy Martin:

My parents blew the country for a sunny resort that catered to American tax evaders, leaving the family art collection to my sister Emma and the furniture to my sister Libby. They gave me the land--and a property tax bill for two million dollars. Which is why I, Nora Blackbird, a former socialite who never really held a job in all my thirty-one years, found myself in dire need of a paycheck....


Now Nora has a job as a society page columnist for a Philadelphia paper. This down-and-almost-out former debutante is happy to reclaim her place within the city's elite. Until her first party assignment, when she stumbles upon the murdered body of the host--a millionaire art collector and old family friend. Her sisters--sexy, hard-edged Emma and flaky earth mother Libby, who has her hands full with husband number two and four kids--only complicate matters as Nora investigates. And meanwhile the son of a rumored New Jersey crime boss is pursuing her with bone-melting come-ons she can barely resist. Priorities, Nora. Think priorities....

This is #1 in A Blackbird Sisters Mystery.

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