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How To Read A Person Like A Book

How To Read A Person Like A Book


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Description for HOW TO READ A PERSON LIKE A BOOK by Gerald I Nierenberg and Henry H Calero:

Explore the language that exists beyond words - the language of the body and its gestures. Whether conscious or not of our bodies' movements, we express our feelings, attitudes, and motives through gestures that are often vague and frequently ignored. How to Read a Person Like a Book teaches you how to "decode" and reply to nonverbal signals from strangers, friends, and business associates, allowing you to:

* Gain command of business and social situations

* Sharpen your negotiating skills

* Recognize signals of affection and attraction

* Enrich your knowledge of body language.

Learn the clues that make reading people easy. Gerard Nierenberg's proven techniques for gaining control of negotiations, detecting lies, or recognizing signals of affection and sexual attraction will dramatically improve your understanding of others, giving you the advantage of added insight into all social and business situations.

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