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How To Wash A Cat

How To Wash A Cat


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Description for HOW TO WASH A CAT by Rebecca M Hale:


Uncle Oscar was one of a kind. His dusty antiques shop, the Green Vase -- nestled in San Francisco's historic Jackson Square neighborhood -- was like his own personal museum to the Gold Rush era. Needless to say, I was shocked when he was found dead in his shop, and even more surprised to discover he'd left the venerable establishment to me!

I had no sooner started exploring the shop's fascinating array of curios and novelties -- along with my two cats, Rupert and Isabella -- than I began to meet a motley crew of Uncle Oscar's former associates, all of whom seemed deeply interested in the shop and its hidden secrets. Before long, I learned my inheritance included all sorts of clues Uncle Oscar had left behind -- a peculiar key, a trap door, a puzzling map...

To unravel the mystery, my feline friends and I followed a twisted trail of deadly deception that began right here in his shop and leads all the way back to the days of the Gold Rush itself...

This is #1 in A Cats And Curios Mystery.

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