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Hummingbirds: Jewels In Flight

Hummingbirds: Jewels In Flight


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Description for HUMMINGBIRDS: JEWELS IN FLIGHT by Connie Toops:

Naturalist John J Audubon summed up the breathtaking appearance of the hummingbird as a "glittering fragment of the rainbow." Names such as "ruby-throated" and "green-crowned brilliant" flash with the beauty of this small bird.

Prominent in myth and legend, the hummingbird is long revered for its jewellike colors and legendary aeronautical skills: It can speed as fast as thirty miles an hour, fly straight up, sideways, or backwards, or even hover like a helicopter. Some say the 338 species of hummingbirds that range over South and North America are more highly evolved than any other bird. Without question, theirs is a fascinating natural history.

With HUMMINGBIRDS: JEWELS IN FLIGHT, photojournalist Toops details that history with a lively discussion of courtship, nesting, and territorial and migratory behaviors. In particular, she emphasizes eight species of hummers seen regularly in the United States plus the seven Southwest specialties.

HUMMINGBIRDS: JEWELS IN FLIGHT includes chapters on landscaping to attract hummingbirds, practical suggestions for selecting and maintaining feeders, and best locales to find hummingbirds. In addition, a section on hummingbird legends is included. Beautifully illustrated throughout with full-color portraits and action photographs.

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