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Hungry Heart

Hungry Heart


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Description for HUNGRY HEART by Roberta Latow:

Passion's fruit is sweet and succulent, and one bite is never enough! TWO PASSIONS He stormed into Barbara Dunmellyn's world of privilege, awakening her most raw and aching needs. She longed to feel him, to taste him, to devour him, together to ascend to breathtaking new heights of erotic satisfaction. But in the afterglow of ectasy, the handsome Count was gone, leaving Barbara nothing but the sweet, lingering memory of his touch.

ONE CONSUMING DESIRE The hot, wild blood of her father runs through Mimi's veins. A beautiful child of ex-patriate aristocracy, she feasts freely at life's banquet, while bravely bearing the secret scars of emotional battles and desperate lies. But only in the full flowering of her magnificent womanhood will Mimi discover her true carnal destiny, as she crosses love's forbidden threshold to satisfy completely the sensuous cravings of her...Hungry Heart!

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