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I Am The Only Running Footman

I Am The Only Running Footman


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Description for I AM THE ONLY RUNNING FOOTMAN by Martha Grimes:

Not far from a fashionable Mayfair pub called I Am the Only Running Footman lies the body of a blond shopgirl. She has been strangled with her own scarf-a fact that reminds Scotland Yard's Richard Jury of an unsolved murder in Devon, where the irascible local constable Brian Macalvie presides.

Macalvie is convinced the two deaths are connected. Jury has nothing to tie them together but the fatal scarves ... until he visits the stately home of his only suspect. And there, amid marbled halls and venerable family portraits, he finds a thread of tragedy that may lead him to yet another victim ... and her killer.

This is #8 in The Richard Jury series.

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