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I Do

I Do


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Description for I DO by Mimi Riser:

"Florrie or Dorie--I'tis such a wee dif'rence. Dinna ye fear, lassie, Alan'll still wed ye," declares Angus MacAllister, chief of the Texas branch of the Clan MacAllister. And with these words, the mixed-up mayhem begins. When Dorcas Jeffries offers to temporarily stand in for the bride in a ridiculously archaic arranged marriage, she never imagines she will find herself imprisoned in an adobe castle or being rescued by the very man she is trying to escape. She is sure her intended bridegroom will be the worst of an incorrigible lot. But what do you say to a part Comanche Highlander whose strong arms and dark eyes make you too breathless to argue? What else but "I do"?

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