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I Do, Again

I Do, Again


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Description for I DO, AGAIN by Jasmine Cresswell:

Reunion and Renewal - Lover or Wife? Enter the House of DeWilde Since the turn of the century, the elegant and fashionable DeWilde stores have helped brides around the world realize the fantasy of their "special day." The store: DeWildes, London. Grace DeWilde's ambitious cousin, Michael Forrest, represented everything Julia Dutton emphatically wished to avoid in a man. Julia had been earmarked "perfect little wife" material, while Michael's high-voltage sexuality attracted glamour like moths to a flame. They could barely stand to be in the same room together.

The stakes: How could one charged evening make teaching French suddenly seem so dismal, while the chance to assist in developing the new Berkshire Forrest Hotel appeared the chance of a lifetime? Was Julia brave enough to commit to a man who offered only a few short months of ecstasy?

The solution: The missing pieces of the famed DeWilde jewel collection were finally coming home to Jeffrey, and the courier was his ex-wife. Would the collection, his family, his marriage finally be whole again?

This is #12 in Weddings By DeWilde.

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