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I Do, But Here's The Catch

I Do, But Here's The Catch


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Description for I DO, BUT HERE'S THE CATCH by Pamela Burford:

Four high school friends and a pact -- every girl marries her ideal man by 30, or be prepared for matchmaking.

The Bride-to-Be:

Carlotta "Charli" Rossi, last of a dying breed -- the 30-year-old virgin. It's love at first sight when Grant takes her out, but is it only one-sided?

The Prospective Groom:

Grant Sterling, handsome, rich and worldly lawyer -- confirmed bachelor. A mousy unassuming woman is exactly what he's looking for. He thinks he's got it all in Charli.

The Hitch:

Grant needs a wife if he's going to make partner in his stuffy law firm. A marriage of convenience without sex or other personal involvements is the ideal answer. Never did he think Charli would turn into a sexy siren, or that he would fall in love with her...!

Harlequin Temptation #816, January, 2001.

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