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I Gave God Time

I Gave God Time


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Description for I GAVE GOD TIME by Ann Kiemel Anderson:

On a potato farm in Idaho, a young man knelt in a small bunkhouse and prayed, "Father God, give me a woman of God. A woman committed to you...someone strong where I am weak. Make me the man she needs. Builder her...prepare her...bless her."

In 1976 that young man's sister heard Ann Kiemel speak at a meeting in Pullman, Washington. Immediately she began to "campaign" to bring her brother Will, both in their mid-thirties, were all too familiar with the loving efforts of their friends and families to arrange date for them with eligible singles. Will resisted his sister's urging for almost four years, until finally---in order to get her to give up her campaign---he agreed to ask Ann out to dinner.

But somehow Will had not anticipated how complicated it would be to get a simple dinner date with the busy author and lecturer Ann Kiemel...especially when the first hurdle was overcoming her reluctance to take a chance on a blind date with a potato farmer from faraway Idaho!

I GAVE GOD TIME tells the whole story---full of suspense, humor, deep spiritual warmth, and romance---of how God guided this couple's whirlwind courtship all the way to the altar of Park Street Church in Boston in June 1981. The narrative, told in Ann's unique style is interspersed with heartwarming excerpts from Will's and Ann's love letters and letters from friends and family members.

The ultimate message? That when God's children give Him time, He works out His loving plan in in His own miraculous way.

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