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Description for ILLUSIONS by Katherine Stone:

CHASE -- A hard-hearted loner who trusts no one, he is stunned to discover that he has a twin brother ... who mysteriously disappeared. Determined to uncover the truth, Chase goes to Los Angeles, where he meets Jillian Montgomery -- and creates an illusion of the most daring kind....

JILLIAN -- At first, her marriage to motion picture studio head Victor Carlton wa picture-perfect. Then everything changed. Now Victor, presumed dead in a sailing accident, has suddenly returned. And although there's something very different about her husband, Jillian finds herself falling in love all over again...

STEPHANIE -- The star of one of TV's hottest shows, she shared a special friendship with Jillian ... until a shocking accident shattered their cherished bond. Now, as tragedy brings them together again, Stephanie is caught between her passion for one man -- and the dangerous secret that could destroy two women...

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