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In His Good Hands

In His Good Hands


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Description for IN HIS GOOD HANDS by Joan Kilby:

She holds all the money...but he has all the sex appeal!

Renita Thatcher never imagined she'd see Brett O'Connor in town again -- let alone in her office. Over the years, Renita has only caught glimpses of her old crush in the tabloids as Brett jet-set his way to football superstardom.... Oh, who's she trying to kid? She'd followed his career religiously. And his marriage to the gorgeous, high-profile trophy wife. Ex-wife.

Now Renita, the only loans officer in Summerside Bay, has something Brett wants. Just like in high school, she's in a position of power over him, but this time, she doesn't want to mess it up. Her next move is critical. Does she want revenge or does she want to surrender herself to a guy who looks even better than her best fantasy?

This is #2 in Summerside Stories series. This is a larger print copy.

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