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In My Sister's Country

In My Sister's Country


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Description for IN MY SISTER'S COMPANY by Lise Haines:

At first, their sisterly anger appears nearly comical. But the furious passion with which Molly and Amanda face each other-and the most susceptible men who fall inside their borders-marks In My Sister's Country as a private, unexpected place.

Nearly motherless at seventeen, Molly cannot forgive her sister, either for her relentless manipulations or for the role Amanda once played in their father's powerful games. As a result of those mental contests, lying comes easily to both sisters. But this matters little-until Molly realizes that she desperately desires her sister's lover.

Day by day, Molly's sadly comic insights to this uninsulated life propel her into greater deceits and betrayals. Both sisters are emotionally blindfolded, but Molly's powerful voice and her sense of rebellion well up from somewhere smart and self-contained. And when she dares to look to the other side of the blindfold, we discover how absolute a young woman's solitude can be. An insightful and image-filled debut, IN MY SISTER'S COUNTRY takes us bravely into a world of shadowy hearts and beseeching arms.

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