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In Trouble's Arms

In Trouble's Arms


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Description for IN TROUBLE'S ARMS by Ronda Thompson:

Loreen Matland knows good-looking men are trouble, so when Jake Winslow answers her ad for a mail-order husband to help save the family farm, she is very cautious, until she realizes that he is just what she needs--for her farm, her family, and her heart.

"Fetch the Rifle, Toby."

When Loreen Matland spoke to her brother, she was very clear. If the man who answered her ad for a husband was ugly as a mud fence, she'd keep him. If not, she'd fill his hide full of buckshot and send him packing. No matter how badly she needed him.

Unfortunately, Jake Winslow was handsome. Lori had learned long before that good-looking men were trouble, and Jake proved no exception. Of course, she hadn't been entirely honest with him, either. She had difficulties enough to make his flight from the law seem like a ride through the prairie. But the Texas Matlands didn't give up, even to dangerous men with whiskey-smooth voices and dark-fringed blue eyes. Even if their kisses would make a gal go weak in the knees. And yet, in Jake's warm strong arms, Lori knew he was just what she needed-for her farm, her family, and her heart.

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