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Description for INFERNO by Louise Cooper:

For centuries the Tower of Regrets stood alone upon the plain, and no man or woman dared turn their face to it, for fear of the curse that lay within. And so it might have remained--but for the recklessness of a king's foolish daughter...

Her title was the Princess Anghara Kaligsdaughter; but now she has forfeited the right to her name and heritage. For she broke the one law that had endured since her people's history began when she breached that ancient tower in a bid to learn its secret. Now its curse is loosed upon the world, and upon the soul of Anghara Kaligsdaughter.

Anghara is Anghara no longer. Her name now is Indigo, color of mourning--and her home is the wide world, for she has no other. She cannot die, she cannot age, for until she lifts the Tower's curse, she is doomed to immortality. She has one friend, who is not human. And she has one enemy that will dog her footsteps wherever she goes. It is Nemesis, created from the darkest part of her own soul. Wherever her wanderings lead her now, her Nemesis shall follow...

This is Book Two Of Indigo Series.

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