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Into The Fire

Into The Fire


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Description for INTO THE FIRE by Dennis L McKiernan:

As the Foul Folk spread their evil across the kingdoms of Mithgar, two Warrows, bound by a pledge to a dying swordsman, continue their venture into the very jaws of the conflict ravaging the world. Yet Tip and Beau to not travel alone.

Beset on all sides by creatures of legend, by Elves, Dwarves, mages, a pack of Silver Wolves and their mysterious leader, warrior maidens, and Hidden Ones, Tip and Beau struggle to keep their world from falling into darkeness as the vast armies of Mordru lead them into the very crucible of HEL....

INTO THE FIRE brings all the wonder of Mithgar to rich, evocative life in a triumphant story of magic, adventure, and danger that confirms Dennis L. McKiernan's status as one of today's most imaginative masters of fantasy.

Book Two of the Hel's Crucible Duology.

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