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Iron Master

Iron Master


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Description for IRON MASTER by Patrick Tilley:

The year: 2990 A.D. The post-holocaust conflict between the high-tech underground Federation and the primitive, surface-dwelling Mutes continues with unabated ferocity. Steve Brickman, a Federation pilot whose heart and mind are torn between the two cultures, embarks on his most dangerous mission yet: to spy out the growing threat of the Iron Masters. It is a nightmare journey into the unknown, for the Iron Masters---descendants of today's Japanese---guard their land with samurai ferocity.

But a shadowy presence guides Brickman's footsteps, keeping him safe. And the predictions of the mysterious and ancient Talisman Prophecy hold true. According to the prophecy, Federation or Mutes will soon claim victory...but at what price?

This is 3 in The Amtrak Wars.

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