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Island Enchantress

Island Enchantress

Author: Joyce Myrus

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 352

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Description for ISLAND ENCHANTRESS by Joyce Myrus:

Raven-haired Lacey Thurston's heart was heavy as she watched the shimmering white beaches of Honolulu disappear from view. Already she was homesick for the beloved island where she'd been born and raised by her missionary father-and she dreaded the long ocean voyage to her new life in the civilized world. Then a huge wave washed her straight into the strong embrace of Johnny Royle. With his sea-blue eyes and well-muscled frame, her handsome rescuer soon turned the journey into a seductive paradise filled with sea-swept passions and star-kissed delights!

Johnny couldn't believe his luck when Fate tossed the enticing Pacific beauty into his waiting arms. Never had he beheld such a glorious sight! Her drenched clothing clung to her sensuous curves, her blue eyes danced with excitement, her red lips pouted with delicious promise. Though the footloose sailor had vowed to roam the seven seas forever free, he couldn't resist Lacey's innocent invitation. He'd take his pleasure where he could, and surrender himself body and soul, to the tantalizing temptation of his Island Enchantress

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