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It Takes A Rebel

It Takes A Rebel


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Description for IT TAKES A REBEL by Stephanie Bond:

Bad boy Jack Stillman loves a challenge - and sexy workaholic Alexandria Tremont is turning out to be a big one! Still, he's sure that one dose of the Stillman charm will have Alex out of the office - and into his bed! Alex Tremont has never met anybody so infuriating, so stubborn - so outrageously irresistible - as Jack Stillman. But with her career on the line, not to mention a fiance pushing to set the date, Alex really shouldn't be appreciating Jack's antics, in the boardroom or in the bedroom. Then again, she'd had no idea how closely they'd be working...But could she trust her sexy rebel not to sweet-talk his way out of her life as easily as he'd charmed his way into it?

Harlequin Temptation #769, February, 2000.

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