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Jack And The Princess

Jack And The Princess


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Description for JACK AND THE PRINCESS by Raye Morgan:

Cracking the so-called security system at the Roseanova estate seemed like a surefire way for Jack Santini to prove to the royal family that he was the only candidate for the chief-of-security position. But he hadn't counted on waking up a golden-haired princess -- and a beautiful one at that!

Karina Roseanova thought the brooding bodyguard who scaled her balcony was the perfect man to break her free from the confines of her ivory tower and show her the ways of the real world. Before long, her irresistible girlish wonder gave way to a love beyond her wildest dreams. But what would it take for this gruff commoner to win a place in the royal family?

Silhouette Romance #1655, April, 2003.

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