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Jackson's Dilemma

Jackson's Dilemma


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Description for JACKSON'S DILEMMA by Iris Murdoch:

Edward Lannion, the young master of Hatting Hall, is about to marry Marian Berran. At Penndean, a nearby house, preparations are under way for the wedding, overseen by the anxious Benet. Family and friends gather for a celebratory dinner on the eve of the Ceremony: Marian's sister, Rosalind; Owen Silbery, a well-known, eccentric painter; the nun-like Mildred Smalden; and Tuan, a young friend of Owen's also known as "the Theology Student." But then there is a sudden and extraordinary event, which changes everything.

JACKSON'S DILEMMA is an entertaining, fast-moving human drama. Edward and Marian, the young couple at the center of the story, are led away onto dark and strange paths, while their friends and lovers are forced to make new and surprising choices. Watching over all of them is Jackson, a mysterious and charismatic figure who becomes Benet's manservant, and who, in guiding the young lovers into the light, has to make his own obscure and agonizing decisions.

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