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Just Another Day In Paradise

Just Another Day In Paradise


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Description for JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE by A E Maxwell:

Fiddler wasn't born to be a private eye. He isn't in the game for money; he has plenty of that. He isn't trying to prove he's sexy or tough; that comes naturally. He's just trying to get off his numb butt and even the score for people who deserve a decent break.

Like Fiddler's honey-blond ex-wife, Fiora. She's a woman as at home in a boardroom as in a bikini. Unfortunately, she never felt at home with Fiddler-except in the bedroom.

Now lovely Fiora's in ugly trouble. Her lover's playing hide-and-seek with U.S. Customs. Her twin brother's working a shady deal on the dark side of Southern California's Gold Coast. And Fiddler and his ex-ladylove are about to find out why snow, ice, and silicon are three surefire ways to get yourself dead!

This is #2 in Fiddler Mystery series.

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