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Just Like A Man

Just Like A Man


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Description for JUST LIKE A MAN by Elizabeth Bevarly:

He won't tell you about his feelings.

He'll keep his secret life a secret.

He'll turn on the sex appeal to light your fire,

then leave you smoldering as he runs off to parts unknown ... Isn't that ...


His imaginative nine-year-old son claims he's a spy, but for Hannah Frost, headmistress of the elite Emerson Academy, Michael Sawyer is just another wealthy single parent with a precious -- and precocious -- little darling. Oh, the man is certainly handsome and sexy enough to leave her both shaken and stirred -- hey, nobody does it better -- but a secret agent? Come on!

Yet truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Turns out Michael is working undercover to unravel a web of intrigue and deception involving, of all things, her school! He reluctantly enlists her help, and as their liaison draws them closer together, Hannah is thrust into a world far more exciting -- and dangerous -- than any she's ever known. One where people aren't what they seem and where words, even ones of love, may not be true.

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