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Keep The Baby, Faith

Keep The Baby, Faith


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Description for KEEP THE BABY, FAITH by Philip DeGrave:

Harry Ross is a mild-mannered TV listings editor for a great metropolitan newspaper. He makes a decent living, and has a terrific apartment, but aside from that, his life is less than super. Harry is lonely and bored and he wants a little adventure in his life, a little romance. When a childhood friend of his sister's shows up outside his building one night, very rich and extremely pregnant, and asks for his help, Harry's wish begins to come true in spades.

Before he knows it, Harry is tangled up in a tussle over the will of a man who is not yet dead, gets involved with a society blonde with a secret past (and a husband), acts as unwilling host to two dramatic but mysteriously inefficient murders, fights for his own life, and falls in love.

Pressed by an unorthodox police lieutenant, dogged by a ruthless killer, hiding things from the newspaper that employs him, and nagged by his mother, Harry sets a trap designed to learn who is---and who is not---doing what to whom, and why.

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