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Keith Laumer: The Lighter Side

Keith Laumer: The Lighter Side


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Description for KEITH LAUMER: THE LIGHTER SIDE edited and compiled by Eric Flint:


Chester W Chester IV had inherited his great grandfather's lifework: a super computer that could bring any situation or time to life. Chester and his shady pal thought that they could make a fortune, but they should have read the instruction book first...

Roger Tyson was being pursued through time by a motorcycle-riding rutabaga-like alien in a world where ages millions of years apart have been combined in an insane smorgasbord of aeons. And he must somehow convince superbeings from the distant future that the human race is not a horde of vermin who should be wiped from the pages of history...

To These two complete novels of hapless heroes caught in out-of-kilter spacetime clockwork, add a beleagured Satan asking a college professor for help when extra-dimensional aliens invade Hell itself; another group of aliens using Earth for a set for a multi-D thriller and preparing to destroy the set after the big finish; a world where a 98-pound weakling can buy the body of a major hunk; and much more, in a huge volume of humorous science fiction adventure from Keith Laumer, the creator of RETIEF.

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