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Kids & Co.

Kids & Co.


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Description for KIDS & CO. by Muriel Jensen:

It's us again. Malia an' Chelsea an' Garrett Boy, they say us two-year-olds are difficult but grownups are MUCH badder! We wish Torn an' Amy would play nice together--it would sure make our lives easier! Know what? We think they need a time-out We'll put them in the playpen together--no "Barney'" OR apple juice until they kiss an' make up. Well, akshully. kissing's kinda icky. Maybe just make up.

Amy Brown was used to overwhelming odds, unwinnable battles, unbelievable messes. After all, she ran a day care, taking care of the three most mischievous two-year-olds. But this time the mess was her own. Her parents were in town and, well, somehow they'd gotten the idea that her three little charges were her very own triplets-and Tom Nicholas--her former love--was their daddy! When Tom had hired on as her contractor, he hadn't figured this little project into his estimate. And Amy had the feeling it was gonna cost her!

Harlequin American Romance 688, July, 1997.

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