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Killer Calories

Killer Calories


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Description for KILLER CALORIES by G A McKevett:

Sexy private detective Savannah Reid maybe built for comfort and not for speed, but she likes herself just fine as she is. So the only way she's likely to set foot in a health spa is over a dead body--someone else's--along with a hefty fee to sweeten the deal.

The irresistible combination of murder and money brings Savannah to Royal Palms to investigate the death of spa owner and former cult-flick actress Kat Valentina. The medical examiner called it a fatal--but accidental--mixture of booze and a hot tub, but Savannah's anonymous client thinks otherwise. Savannah quickly learns there's no shortage of likely suspects from ex-lovers and would-be lovers, to employees and prior co-stars with unsavory pasts. As for Savannah and her sweet tooth, this may prove to be a costly case. For if the strict regimen of exercise and nasty spa cuisine doesn't kill her, there's a murderer close by who's prepared to finish the job...

This is #3 in A Savannah Reid Mystery.

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