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Killer Gorgeous

Killer Gorgeous


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Description for KILLER GORGEOUS by Jane Holleman:

An adrenaline-charged tale set in the gritty fringes of the urban Southwest, this startling debut novel blazes with a noir edge, slick action and dark wit. Jane Holleman masterfully entwines unforgettable characters from different worlds--three lives that collide with all the forces of good, evil; and everything in between.

Allison Robbins, a gorgeous, savagely abused socialite wife, sees only one way out of her unending nightmare. But if she can't take her own life, perhaps she can find someone to do it for her.... Montgomery Jones, an Armani-clad hit man, is accustomed to killing without remorse--until a beautiful blonde stranger shakes his cold-blooded instinct with a deadly proposal.... Mike Shiller, a solitary cop with an attitude--and a past marred by a moment of blinding gunfire--is about to become caught up in a twisted scheme with the inescapable fury of a Texas tornado.

In the shadows between darkness and dawn, each sets out for redemption and justice. Alone, they don't have a prayer. But together, just about anything is possible.

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