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Killer Pancake

Killer Pancake

Author: Diane Mott Davidson

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 333

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Description for KILLER PANCAKE by Diane Mott Davidson:

A GORGEOUS BANQUET... When Goldy, owner of Goldilock's Catering, faces the challenge of whipping up a sumptuous lowfat feast for the Mignon Cosmetics' company banquet, she rises to the occasion brilliantly...only to discover just how ugly the beauty biz can be!

AN UNSIGHTLY DEATH... On the day of the banquet Goldy finds herself confronting an angry mob of demonstrators - "Spare The Hares" - who object to Mignon Cosmetics' animal-testing policies. As she struggles to carry forty pounds of lowfat fare from her van to the mall where the banquet is being held, she hears an ominous squeal of tires and a horrifying thump. Seconds later, a Mignon employee lies dead on the pavement. And soon the police discover that this hit-and-run was no accident.

A BEAUTY OF A KILLER... Now Goldy is enmeshed up to her saute pans in a homicide investigation. Could the murder have had something to do with Spare the Hares - or with the exotic flower found near the dead body? Though busy serving up Hoisin Turkey and Grand Marnier Cranberry Muffins, Goldy decides to start digging at Mignon's million-dollar cosmetics counter. But when another murder takes place and Goldy herself is attacked, the caterer turned sleuth knows she must step up her search for a gruesome killer. For this time was only a warning. Next time she'll be dead - and it won't be pretty.

This is #5 in A Culinary Mystery series.

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