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Killing Cassidy

Killing Cassidy


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Description for KILLING CASSIDY by Jeanne M Dams:


Though a' opted Anglophile Dorothy Martin is quite content with her new life in a cozy English village, she looks forward to an unexpected trip back to her Indiana hometown. Sadly, it is the sudden death of a longtime friend and a small inheritance that offer Dorothy and her husband, Alan Nesbitt, this brief holiday in the States.

Along with her inheritance, Dorothy gets a cryptic note from her deceased friend, a renowned biologist at the local university, claiming he was murdered. Now, back among the friends and acquaintances of her past, she must find out if one among them is a killer--and why. A second murder puts Dorothy on the trail of a deception as strange as it is tragic, and leads her to a solution that will challenge the formidable skills of her retired constable husband--as well as her own nimble mind--to find the solution before tragedy strikes again.

This is #6 in A Dorothy Martin Mystery series.

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