Kissing Frogs

Kissing Frogs


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Description for KISSING FROGS by Laura Marie Altom:

A Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Biologist Lucy Gordon had one chance in a million to capture her every dream. Money. Fame. And most important--finally earning her father's respect. It all depended upon her discovering a new species of frog. Then one day, - by a miraculous twist of fate, that frog found her. Consumed with joy, she kissed the little bugger smack dab on his lips.

Poof! As magically as he'd appeared, he was gone. In his place was more than two hundred pounds of wholly naked, wholly medieval bad-boy prince who claimed she'd saved him from an amphibian eternity. But Lucy didn't want a prince; she wanted her frog. She wanted her dreams. Until the gorgeous prince returned her kiss and her soul melted, and her choice became less clear. With the power to transform Wolfe back into a wart-covered creature, Lucy had to choose her own happily ever after: fame, money, and respect? Or love?

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