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Last Tango In Paris

Last Tango In Paris


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Description for LAST TANGO IN PARIS by Robert Alley:

"The man is middle-aged, leonine, ravaged. The girl is young, foxlike, insouciant. Total strangers, they are inspecting an unfurnished Paris apartment that is for rent. Suddenly the man scoops the girl in his arms, carries her to the side of the room. He tears off her panties and has sex with her while still dressed and standing. The camera rests steadily on them as he thrusts her against the wall and she hitches herself up on him, clinging to his body with her knees. Finally, gasping and groaning, they tumble to the floor...any moviegoers who are not shocked, titillated, disgusted, fascinated, delighted or angered by this early scene should be patient. There is more to come. Much more." ---TIME

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