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Lavender-Green Magic

Lavender-Green Magic


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Description for LAVENDER-GREEN MAGIC by Andre Norton:

The year is 1970 and Holly Wade has never felt worse in her life. Her father's been reported MIA in Vietnam, she and her siblings are being shipped off to live with their grandparents in the country, and the bus she's riding right now is making her nauseous. With a bad mood hanging over her head already, Holly tries not to enjoy anything that occurs to her once the family arrives at Dimsdale where her grandparents live. Still, it's hard not to find the junkyard her family runs pretty cool. Everyone's nice to the Wades and there are even mysterious stories about a witch who cursed the Dimsdale property long ago. It isn't until Holly discovers a mysterious scented pillow, however, that she and her siblings get caught up in a time traveling mystery where magic and witchery play a very big part.

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