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Laws Of The Blood: Partners

Laws Of The Blood: Partners


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Description for LAWS OF THE BLOOD: PARTNERS by Susan Sizemore:

They are the Enforcers. An elite group of vampires who must serve and protect their secret community--and uphold the...LAWS of the BLOOD

The city of Seattle has become a supernatural hunting ground. Enforcer Char McCairn is on the prowl for a young renegade vampire. Vampire hunter Jebel Haven is searching for a missing teenager who may have been abducted by the undead. Now, they've joined forces because their quarry is one and the same, and his fate remains in question.

But the two reluctant partners find that they have a third, much bigger problem: There is a strange, dark cult flourishing in the shadowed streets of Seattle. It is growing in power--power that could prone deadly to humans and vampires alike...

This is #2 in Laws Of The Blood Series.

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